Nesting Boxes

Over harvesting by market hunters and destruction of bottomland habitat nearly wiped out the entire population of wood ducks in the early 20th century. The recovery of the population was assisted by the use of these man-made nesting structures.

Standard Wood Duck Nesting Box Deluxe Cypress Wood Duck Nesting Box
wood duck nesting box wood duck nesting box
A medium duty box built with 19/32" CDX plywood, this box is an economical choice that should last several years. A heavy duty version of the standard box, built with 1" thick cypress lumber to withstand heat, moisture and sunlight. This extremely sturdy box should last many years.

Standard Nesting Box Kit Predator Guard
wood duck nesting box kit predator guard
An unassembled, kit version of the standard nesting box. This helps protect nesting boxes from invasion by predatory animals.

You can view photos of some of our nesting structures in use in the gallery.