Standard Wood Duck Nest Box Kit

The standard nest box kit is essentially the same as the standard nesting box, only unassembled. It comes with detailed instructions for assembly, which requires a drill/drvier, 1/8" drill bit, phillips drive bit, and a square for best results. Included are corrosion resistant screws, bedding material, (3) 3" galvanized lag bolts for mounting, and a fact sheet with placement tips.

The nesting box kit is great for school groups, 4-H, or FFA. It is also great for adults who may not own all the tools to build one from scratch, or simply don't want to mess with doing all the work. All the cuts have been made for you, all you do is assemble it. Only minor carpentry knowledge is required, practically anyone can do it. Assembly should take less than one hour.

U-bolts for mounting on a metal pole are available for an extra $5.00 at the buyer's request.

A coat of clear, high quality, protective water sealer will prolong the life of the wood.  Water sealer can be applied to the exterior of  any duck box for an additional $5.

Standard nesting box kit:
$25 each + shipping

Extra nest box bedding material - a one gallon bag of high quality cedar shavings:
$2 each + shipping

standard wood duck nesting box kit

You can view additional photos of our nesting structures in use in the gallery.