Nuc Hives
Nuc hive

TEL's Nuc Hive can be built with 5/8" plywood or planed cypress lumber. (plywood shown) Nuc hives can be used as swarm traps or for keeping spare queens isolated, or used to re-queen a swarm.

My Nucs are built to hold about five standard Langstroth sized frames. They have a lid that removes by loosening a few screws. They include a 'hanger' to attach to a tree or hang near in an area near a wild swarm.

Entrances to the Nucs can be cut to the customer's specifications, but will come standard with a 5/8" x 2" entrance on one end. If you have a specific request for how the Nuc will be hanging, I can accommodate that also.

Standard Plywood Nucs are $40, plus shipping.

Water sealer or white paint applied to the outside can done for $5.

Contact me for more info about cypress Nucs, or other questions.

Nuc hive
Nuc hive