Suzy Coozie Mallard Nesting Structure

Like our wood duck nesting boxes, the Suzy Coozie is built by TEL Woodworking to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship for years of dependable use.

The support frame is built using 100% American made steel, and welded for strength. Bermuda hay is used in the nest roll, also included is an ample amount for the hen to use as a nest bowl. The nest roll itself is built to the dimensions found by waterfowl biologists to be most suitable for mallard hens. Canada geese will use these structures, if they are built too large (ours are not). Also included is an informative brochure giving tips for placement and maintenance procedures which will need to be performed on a yearly basis for a positive nesting program to be established.

Delta Waterfowl has found that mallard nesting structures like these usually have about an 80% nesting success rate; and occupancy rates, which will increase over time, also typically reach levels near 80%.

For installation you will simply need a 2" diameter or smaller pipe, or common t-post; something to drive the mounting post into the ground with; and a 9/16" wrench. You will want to install the post about 6 feet away from the emergent vegetation on the edge of the water, at a height that will be about 2-6 feet off the surface of the water during the spring nesting season. After your post is firmly anchored, simply set the nesting structure on the post and tighten the bolts on the mounting base, which will clamp down on your post.

Suzy Coozie nesting structure: $95 each + shipping

Suzy Coozie Base (you provide your own wire and hay, comes with instructions): $60 + shipping

Replacement nesting material - several flakes of high quality Bermuda hay: $5 + shipping

Suzy Coozie