Honker Cradle Canada Goose Nesting Structure
Canada goose nesting structure

TEL Woodworking's Honker Cradle is a nesting structure designed for Canada Geese. Structurally similar to the Suzy Coozie, the Honker Cradle is built sturdier to support the heavy weight of resident Canada's. The frame is built with American made steel and features all-welded construction, and is painted flat black. Bermuda hay is used in the nesting cradle, and it will come supplied with an ample amount of hay, which the goose will supplement with down to make a nest bowl. Also included is a fact sheet outlining tips for placement of the Honker Cradle, to maximize the likelihood of it being successfully occupied. The University of Montana's Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit has found that occupied nesting structures can support success rates of 85-90%, compared to only 65-75% when geese nest on natural islands or marshes.

Like the Suzy Coozie, for installation you will simply need a 2" diameter or smaller pipe; something to drive the mounting post into the ground with; and a 9/16" wrench. General guidelines for installation set forth by the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit are as follows: For over-water placement, 10-15 yards offshore in at least 18 inches of water, at least 3 ft. off the surface of the water is good. For mounting over solid ground, a height of 7-8 ft. is ideal for reduction of nest predation.

The nest cradle will likely need to be removed from the frame on a yearly basis before nesting season to refill with hay. This maintenance is fairly easy to do, and should not take more than an hour with a little bit of effort. The Honker Cradle will come with instructions on how to perform this maintenance. A commitment to long-term upkeep is essential for establishing a successful nesting program.

Honker Cradle nesting structure:
$150 each + shipping

Replacement nesting material - several flakes of high quality Bermuda hay:
$5+ shipping
Canada goose nesting structure

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